First Peonies

These first peonies were tight buds yesterday. Our Spring has been cooler than usual. I was sure it would be another five days before first blossom. So glad I was wrong.

There is no man whose looks are not improved by a tux. There is no room that doesn't look better with a vase of peonies. Peonies, the tux of the design world.

I frequently use silver mint julep cups as vases.

The whites, solid pinks and burgundies are still tight in their buds. Something to look forward to!

Happy gardening and thanks for viewing,
Linda Pakravan


  1. Beautiful peonies Linda!
    Such a treat after the long New England winter we had.
    I bet they smell beautiful!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Linda, I've included a link to this in my latest blog post. Fabric and Flowers - Peonies



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