One Room Challenge WEEK FOUR

Putting some lavender plants in the guest room was my most attractive accomplishment in Week Three.

Welcome back to One Room Challenge!

In case you are new to One Room Challenge, Linda of Calling it Home, came up with the brilliant idea of having 20 top designer bloggers redo a room in six weeks and go public with their progress every Wednesday.

Linda then invented the ORC Linking Party on Thursdays where scores of design crazed bloggers post their transformations.

I am in the latter group. My daughter's old bedroom is being given a new look and purpose as a library/bedroom. Week One laid out my plan and inspirations, Week Two documented the dismantling of the bookcases that will be used to make the library wall.

Week Three, last week, Mother Nature had other plans. A tick bite sent me to the urgent care clinic. Twice. I was certain it was flesh eating bacteria and death was imminent. Antibiotics are now number one of my top 5 of humankind's major accomplishments. Indoor Plumbing, Central Heating, The Dictionary, sorry, you've have been bumped. I managed to accomplish a few things during week three, but writing a post was not one of them.

The bookcases are now structurally sound and going nowhere; my daughter will not be crushed in her sleep. 

I cut a fairly nice hole for one electrical outlet.

And a perfectly miserable hole for the other one. No outlet cover is going to hide this. I'm sure I'll figure out something.....

When I took the cases apart I wound up with three sections of crown, like this.

They could be cut to fit straight across the top but that would look 'pieced' together. I ordered a new crown. Like many moldings, this crown is built-up from three separate pieces. Here's the profile view.

The dentition strip (the blocks) can be salvaged and reused but the upper 'crown' part is what will be replaced with one long continuous piece across the front.

"Just because you think you can, means it is going to be a lot harder than you bargained for."

No carpentry skills were magically bestowed on me when I acquired a chop saw and a cordless drill -- but I will make it work.

Moving on, the appliqu├ęd pillows and foot quilt are done. The Roman shades and curtains are in the works as is the new headboard.

I chose a paint color. I'm saving it for a surprise.

And now I'm in Savannah. Beautiful, charming, warm Savannah.

The Owens-Thomas House

Ellis Square

City Hall from Johnson Square

charming offices for a law firm

Spanish Moss, a first for me.

rose bushes surrounding Ellis Square

The Splash Pad at Ellis Square. These kids were having a great time.
Tomorrow we are doing a garden tour. I'm in heaven.

Oh, and I moved Sweet Fang and Fu out of the bathroom.

Thanks for reading.

Linda Pakravan


  1. Hahaha....Fu's enjoying himself. Good luck in finishing your space :-)

  2. Linda, you are so funny. I love garden tours of any kind. Have fun with that. I know you will figure out how to hide that outlet hole. Good luck.

  3. Love it! I can't wait to see the headboard ! P.S. I am originally from southeast GA so I'm very familiar with Savannah! I love the area - I hope you enjoyed it!

    1. We loved, loved, loved Savannah!

  4. Anonymous15.7.14

    Savannah is a treasure. Completely off topic here but I spy a P.G. Wodehouse novel under Mr. Fu. I have to ask if you are a fan because I adore old Plum and read him avidly.


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