My Guest Room Dilemma

Crisp, cool nights. Perfect sleeping weather. I was beginning to think about the possibility of Summer's end. Then Mother Nature stoked the blast furnace and opened the door. It was 96 Wednesday and 89 yesterday! I wondered if the heat would encourage the hibiscus to re-bloom as I turned up the AC.

At summer's peak, the hibiscus gave me a mild to severe (depending on how many blooms she was adorned with that day) case of Pink and Green Color Obsession. It stayed with me all through August and early September. I spent far too much time gazing at these two fabrics:

Paxton Stripe from GP and J Baker, in Fuchsia/Spring with Mary McDonald's Honeycomb matelasse in Lettuce from Schumacher 

I was infatuated. Smitten. Irrational. I felt compelled to have these two married off and honeymoon in my guest room which I was in the process of re-doing per perfectly fine Plan A:

Plan A. Purposely designed for an interesting but relatively calm room so guests can relax and enjoy the textures and color.

Deep in the throes of Pink and Green Obsession I ignored the sage advice I give my clients: "you love it, now we are going to stop looking and start doing."

Plan B with Pink and Green. The blue and white printed linen is a given because it is in our possession.

Delirious with color fever, I couldn't commit. I set both plans aside. Hot summer days rolled by. But time is now no longer a luxury. I have to start now. OK, now-ish, not right this moment. Within the next few days. By Wednesday.

Has this ever happened to you? Have a perfectly fine plan and then give it the heave-ho because of some new obsession or infatuation?

Any thoughts on Plan A or Plan B?

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. I love that last grouping. That applique is fantastic. Thanks for your opinion on my blog kitchen. You are a "no reply" blogger, so I could not email back to you. It means you don't have an email address in your profile. You can read how to fix it here

    1. Glad you like the last grouping. I read the tutorial and fixed my thing. Thanks for the tip.


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