Color Talks: Bright Green

I call this Apple Green.

What does bright green say to you?

No one I know is ambivalent about chartreuse. They either love it or hate it. How about you?

Today green, any green, is telling me the opposite of this scene we woke up to.

The fallen tree is our dog's favorite creek crossing. Pumpkin won't be exploring the other side for a few days. I took this picture with my phone.

Spring officially starts tomorrow at 7:20 AM.

terraces in Vietnam

Fresh, bright greens are extremely attractive on this snowy morn. Pat Healing of HB Home does Spring greens extremely well. Here are two of her rooms.

Green as a major player, like these curtains. I like the way she mixes in a little "gold glow" and still retains the casual feel of this room.

Or green as an accent.

A powder room I did for a young client's first home.

Typical of my cost conscious projects, we splurged on the wallpaper and mirror. The light fixture and faucet are from Lowe's. The wallpaper is "Toile Florissante" by Schumacher. I have a different color of Toile Florissante in my own powder room.

Here's a shot of one end of our living room. A little schizoid, Springish green stripes with grayish green. The uproar that ensued when I mentioned that I am sooo tired of these stripes and want a change was, to put a good spin on it, comical. Not everyone appreciates change.

One of a pair of chair frames we bought at a warehouse. This is their second upholstery job. Ready for a third. 

ave a great day! We are certain the snow will melt soon.

thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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  1. I do love green. Tell those naysayers in your livingroom that change is good!

  2. But do you love green more than red? Thanks for the living room encouragement!

  3. the satiny green of the upholstered chair makes me think of something dynamic, unexpected or new is about to happen. I like it a lot. The queen's outfit color also, which is similar. Especially the satin ribbon on her hat.

  4. About your striped living room...although everyone is attached to it, including me, what about the color on that lamp? That would be a spectacular wall color.

  5. P.S. I like EVERYthing in this post. Good greens, plus my old favorite green/purple combination.

  6. Very good post. But please do NOT change the living room. Its one of my favorite rooms in our house!

  7. Such a pretty green and I love your used of Schumacher's "Toile Florissante" in your client's bathroom.


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