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New York's Design Week started last weekend with ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. Not limited to furniture, exhibitors show their latest in contemporary rugs, flooring, lighting, kitchens, baths, wine cellars, art, wallcovering, accessories, one furniture designer even showed her jewelry designs.

Lighting was big this year. Artistic, edgy, elegant, whimsical, practical. A few caught my eye.

Tomomi Sayuda's Daydream, handwoven paper.

Fun, inexpensive ($60-$90), easy to assemble cardboard pendants from New Jersey's Carton Planet.

Blow chandelier from Roll and Hill, a New York based manufacturer of high end contemporary lighting. The arms move. The story behind the name, Blow? Not sure, it was a busy booth. Roll and Hill

Solis. Rays of "sun" light glow between the lazer cut fabric strips. In real life this is an elegant chandelier, my photography does not do it justice. The lower diameter is about 12" and it is maybe 30" high. I can see one of these hanging in a smaller dining room, a pair or three in a larger room. Pablo Designs

Unglazed "Boned" table lamps are lit by 3 watt LEDs. This was British Bone's world launch. The make-shift chandelier was a big hit, they should do a real model. British Bone

Sleek task lighting from Illuminate lights up the work area while keeping the base out of the way.

Italian design house Skitsch "combines function and emotion". Doesn't this remind you of a Curious George adventure? With a dimmer this is a fun night light for a child's room. Skitsch

Next we'll look at new bath fixtures.

Are any of my readers contemporary fans? Which one of these would you like for your home?

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all photos by Linda Pakravan except the first one from Interior Design.

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  1. The bone table lamps are fabulous! I NEED some.

  2. I’m usually very fussy about lighting but I fell head over heels for every single one of these. The Solis light was my favourite, I could definitely see it giving off soft rays of light in my future study!


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