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A friend just asked me how would Chip It! be used for an existing room? A good question since most of us have things that we are not tossing out on the next redecorating project. Take my living room for example.

Here are pictures of the rug. It's an old school Persian hand knotted with a gazillion colors that we've had forever. Here's the "purple" detail that I've been thinking about playing up for this room's next face lift.

6524 Commodore, a nice rich blue. How abut Commodore Blue velvet sofas and Cargo Pants on the walls? Oy, my family will have palpitations just reading this.

Border detail, same rug.

Here's one of the fish.

My first thought was a nice gray for the walls but I don't see one on any of these 3 that I like. My rug has some unusual muted colors so I will take more pics and see what Chip It! comes up with. But I will take a real chip of Commodore, Patchwork Plum and some others when I'm looking for upholstery fabric.

All the designers out there should stop worrying that they'll never do another color consult. Chip It! is a tool. It gets the process going that much faster but it will never take the place of your experience and ability to visual the room based on a tiny chip!

And now for something far more colorful and more fun.

If you're looking to add a splash of color in a very small but stylish way, take a look at oomph's "tini" tables. With a bevy of color and top options you're sure to find one that perks up your space.

Tini tables from oomph. these are shown with an etched marble top. lots of other top options.
And if you're very bold, take that table color to the walls or trim.

I chipped it. oomph's tables and Sherwin-Williams paint. I wonder if Grape Mist might look good in my LR...

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Linda Pakravan

if you'd like design or color help, I'll be glad to chip away at it! email me

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