Yellow has had a storied past. In and out of favor and fashion for hundreds of years.

My peachy pink day lilies have just come into bloom.
Those yellow throats melt into green. Photo by me.

Yellow is a color that elicits strong opinions. Love or hate. I'm in the love camp.

The full arrangement. 
I had the walls done about a thousand years ago in a faux leathered effect. 
I will say this, whatever magic formula the painter used, it has held up beautifully and it is completely washable. 
But I'm ready for a change. I've never polished the silver plate vase.

Several days ago Elle Decor did a "trend alert" on yellow and it's been nothing but yellow since.

Two works by Max Pechstein at the Kunstmuseum in Ahlen, Germany via ArtDaily.org
Brave color choice for a gallery wall. 
A retrospective of Pechstein's work is on display till November.

Elle Decor's "trend alert" items:

Great wastebasket. My daughter would wear the bracelet and look good in it too.

Vitania Liscio, author of one of Canada's premier blogs, Verdigris Vie,  recently posted "Yellow Love" including this happy wedding cake.

Yellow paint was expensive back in the 1700's and early1800's. A popular color for posh English Regency drawing rooms, it cheerily denoted wealth and taste.

The epitome of English Regency style. 
The South Drawing Room in Sir John Soane's Museum (pic via The Independent), London.

In the 20th century, Nancy Lancaster brought yellow back with her famous yellow room.

That's Nancy on the right in 1935 dressed for the Silver Jubilee Ball at Buckingham Palace. 
In 1944 Nancy bought Sybil Colefax's decorating business and 
partnered (business) with John Fowler. 
Thus began the legendary business of Colefax and Fowler. 
via Antiques and Fine Art magazine.

In 1988 Mark Hampton spiffed up the Lincoln Bedroom in Blair House.

The Lincoln Bedroom in Blair House. 

We don't see as many rooms painted or papered in yellows as in the prior decade.  Yellow makes the perfect accent with gray, which is so popular right now.

"Emperor's Garden" a GP and J Baker embroidered silk from Lee Jofa.

Astor canisters in Canary from Vellum.
How great would these look on a white mantle and gray walls?

Painting your walls yellow is a big leap for some. And where you live makes a huge difference too. Yellow in large quantities on the walls might be too intense in a hot climate, but will make perky accents. Here in New England, or any place with long dark winters like Anchorage (Alaska), yellow walls are inside sunshine for gloomy, overcast days. 

I love yellow. Have any yellow in your house? Or wardrobe?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

if you'd love to have a home you love coming home to, in yellow or not, contact me!


  1. pattyk14.7.11

    I notice that yellow brings intense reactions on both ends of the mood scale. Whereas my sister Cubby is THRILLED and gleeful with almost any yellow, another person I know gets angry when he sees a yellow room. I like yellows with a little white in them (ie buttery, lemon souffle-ish, or baby yellows.) Also love the ones leaning toward orange. But pure primary yellow is a little much for me. Nice flower pictures, Linda!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention!! Yellow is making me crazy with love these days! it's not a oclour I used to love, but lately I can't get enough.


  3. Mary K16.7.11

    Your flowers are beautiful. I have been crazy for yellow most of my life. But I have branched out to other colors as well, and I have just one room painted yellow.

  4. The first photo should be painted. Gorgeous! I'm not a wall painter, if I can avoid it. I'd rather update accent pieces. Lazy me!

    Sounds like yellow is the new orange?...turquoise?

    Trend-less in Calidfornia


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