AD Home Design Show 2011

Yesterday I went to the AD Home Design Show in New York.

This show is chock full of furniture, art, furniture that looks like art, metal smiths, fabulous appliances, lighting, design rock stars giving seminars.....

The day started out really well. While I was admiring Kindel's Dorothy Draper collection, all lovingly made here in America,

Arrowhead Chinoi Chairs, Dorotheum Sofa, Pagoda Vitrine. Kindel.
who should come by but the dynamic Mr. William Diamond (the Diamond of Diamond Baratta Design)! He stops dead in his tracks and exclaims how much he loves the fabric on this chair (and the chair..).

Shamelessly, I complimented his sartorial acumen: I told him he was the best dressed man at the show, which was true. Then I asked him to sit in the chair. Mr. Diamond cheerfully complied.

The impeccably dressed Mr. William Diamond, Diamond Baratta Design

Then he went off to prepare for his seminar.
Which I'll write about in another post.

Thanks for reading.
Linda Pakravan


  1. Next year please take me with you!

  2. Of course! It is always more fun with a group!

  3. These are really very nice designs.. I really like the print on chair.. I was looking for such bright colors, which bring happiness on face while relaxing.. Thanks for sharing it..


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