Mid Century Modern Chairs for Kids

Excluding family, my love for chairs is undying.

Lately I've been looking at chairs for children.

Once baby is out of the crib, thoughts turn to redecorating the nursery, or making a play room.

Or adding a child-size chair to the family room, preferably comfortable.

If you're a fan of mid-century icons, you'll be thrilled with these well made, classic inspired chairs from littlenest. Intended for children 3 and up, this furniture doesn't disappoint. Transcending time, these chairs will be as stylish when your children's children arrive as they were when the originals were first introduced a half century ago.

Do you love mid-century moderns? Want full size ones for your home?
Hate that time period (the 1950's and 60's)?
Or does this style conjure up Mad Men episodes?
What are your thoughts on un-licensed replicas like these?
This post was not sponsored by littlenest.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. wow--these bring back memories! Really cool. They had chairs like the white wire ones in the basement snack eating area of the old science museum. (3 buildings ago...like 1966)...I have a memory of being there with Cubby, she bought Wintergreen Lifesavers from the candy machine, and for me, a soda I want to say was "Green River", or something like that. (?) These were the chairs, only they were adult size, not kid size.

  2. I actually love ALL of the above chairs...if I had a little kid, I would love to have a few of these.


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