"Follow Me"

As much as I love Boston, there is little to compare to New York's holiday windows.

If you haven't yet seen Bergdorf Goodman's video on making their holiday windows, don't miss it, here's the link. I love the music, "Follow Me" by Audrianna Cole.

For my fashion fans, note the lovely carnation studded frock at 1:24; I'm almost certain it is an Oscar de la Renta, from his Spring '11 collection. Let me know if I've erred.


I am so glad to see the carnation make its reappearance in polite society. Oft abused, labeled ubiquitous, pedestrian, common; this useful floral specimen should rightfully regain its place in our hearts and arrangements.

Although I must admit, dyeing them green for St. Patrick's Day did nothing for their image.....

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. I am _______ years old and my dream is to [build a window for Bergdorf's before I die].

  2. Me too. But I'll settle for a drive down to the city and see them in person.


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