5th Avenue, Christmas in NYC

Christmas Day. Walking around New York. No news that the city is full of creatures....





It takes a certain person to love the "crowds of crowds" on Fifth Avenue.

I'm not one of the certain.

Sidewalk vendors were out en masse, taking up so much walk space it was a nightmare dodging other pedestrians. And some pedestrians seemed to go out of their way to slam into a human rather than step on a street vendor's poorly produced wares.

As my family will verify, I experienced an anxiety episode at 5th and something, declaring "I'm never walking on this street ever again!"

I did manage to calm down. And we had a very happy Christmas.

And I will walk on 5th again.

Just not on a holiday.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. wow...what's that dragon sculpture thing? beautiful...as are the other pictures!

  2. hey, that dragon sculpture thing was in a 5th Avenue holiday window display (Bloomie's? I don't know). All fantastic windows.


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