Lobster for Thanksgiving

Witless wild turkeys lazily strolling through our front yard.

Many historians avow that lobster was the real entree at that first Thanksgiving. Back in the day, lobster was plentiful and easy to catch unlike cagey wild turkeys. The witless specimens lazily strolling through our neck of the woods today bear no resemblance to their proud forebears.

No one knows for sure how the turkey usurped the lobster's rightful role in our Thanksgiving observances but I suspect it may be linked to the powerful but silent Turkey Lobby.

It wasn't too long after moving to New England that I decided to serve lobster one Thanksgiving.

Our daughter was quite young at the time, maybe kindergarten or first grade. She was thoroughly traumatized by the absence of turkey and stuffing. Holding back tears, she firmly stated "we're not doing this again!!!". Thankfully the trauma had no effect on her appetite and she managed to choke down the lobster.

Another confession. Pumpkin pie is not my favorite. It qualifies as heresy here in New England. My visitor's visa will shortly be rescinded. And I was so close; 22 years towards the 25 year requirement for permanent residency.

Have you ever served something crazy for Thanksgiving?

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

This post was not sponsored by the Turkey Lobby nor the New England Lobstermen's Association.


  1. Linda, I can say this without repercussions, since I do not live in New England: Pumpkin Pie is not one of my top favorite pies of all time. Your pumpkin flan sounds good. Anything with 24 ounces of half and half has got to be something wonderful in the making.

  2. Hi Linda! Great post :) You're a very witty writer.

  3. whoops! realized you may not have realized that this is jen (kevin's wife) :)

  4. Jen, I thought it might be you! Many thanks for the coment. I really appreciate it.


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