Gold Rush

First, the Fall Foliage report from Andover. Peak!

Back to the thanksgiving project, "unique things we can get in a hurry", these gold goodies will make any corner shine.

Revered since time immemorial, gold's lustre is unmistakable. Queen of metals, it ranges from fine pale yellow to in your face brassy, burnished to broken, antiqued to shiny, mellow to molten. There's something primal about its appeal and warm glow. 
The Bella mirror from Made Goods. Laurel leaves make an elegant sunburst mirror in gilded gold leaf. Judiciously antiqued, the effect is "the patina of age". The 28" version would be perfect above the Thanksgiving sideboard.  I can see the smaller 18" version in the entry hall.
   Paris the sheltie is not available but her antique French dog bed is. This is a great example of mixing a contemporary rug with traditional furnishings; it works. Beautifully. Paris' bed is 19th century (Circa 1850, Napoleon III period), in the Louis XV style, and appears to have been originally gilded.  The dimensions are approximately 22” wide, 22” deep and 19 ½” high. From Trianon Antiques in Boston, 617 443 1020. ....and I wouldn't mind that chest behind Paris either.

Flor's modular carpet, "Feelin Groovy" in Glitzy Gold. While this carpet seems made for a contemporary setting, it works beautifully in more traditional vignettes. Nylon cut and loop pile is pleasant to the foot, hard wearing, easy to clean and a 40% post industrial recycled content eases our sustainability sensibilities.

"Rosetta" a gilded gold base with hieroglyphs and a white raw silk shade. From Frederick Cooper. A little ancient history and no gilt about ransacking any tombs.


If you'd like further info on anything, please send me an email at pakravan.adg@comcast.net.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan
photo credits: foliage and finial on mantle by Linda Pakravan, all others as stated.


  1. Nice stuff, but too much stuff. I want more like the Pink and Orange blog...xo, natasha

  2. I love the gold laurel leaf mirror and the French antique dog bed. My cat would look nice in that dog bed.

  3. Hey, I think it would be a great cat bed too!


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