Coral, A Lovely Color

All colors have their heyday. It usually starts when a runway fashion makes a hit. The Spring 2011 collections showed a sprinkle of coral.

From Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2011 collection.
Oh to be 25 again and fit in this gorgeous gown. Pic from Vogue Sept. 2010.  

Bottega Veneta's Intrecciato Impero Karung Knot Clutch.
Big name for a little bag. Would look good with Oscar's gown.
Probably too "matchy matchy" for anyone under 30. Pic from the Bottega Veneta website. 

And for something casual, Mr. Saunder's spring 2011 skirt.
How cute is that bow? Sassy. From Vogue Sept. 2010

And before you know it, coral will be out of the closet and on your walls. You'll be in good company.

The Great Hall at Sudbury Hall, Derbyshire:

photo courtesy of the NTPL/Andreas von Einsiedel

 And on this side of the pond, the Sun Dining Room at the Mt. Washington Hotel. Some people think it looks pink. It is coral in real life.

photo by Linda Pakravan

I love coral walls, especially with crisp white trim. More grown up than pink, not as in your face as orange; I don't see any reason to wait for coral to trend.

Cindy Samson, Sherwin-Williams' Designer Account Executive in Boston, has an incredible eye for color and she never fails to inspire me with her paint color choices and advice.

Cindy's favorite Corals:
Dishy Coral 6598, a pinky coral
Lei Flower 6613, orangey vibrant coral

Coral Reef 6603, a pinky coral

Caribbean Coral 2854, a dusty orangey coral 
Thank you Cindy!

And thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan


  1. OHH! I love the fashion combined with interior colors theme today. I love the Michael Saunders skirt and die for that Oscar gown. I would wear that to my wedding (in coral even). How fun to see the pictures from our trip to Mt Washington resort reappear too. xo, Natasha

  2. Beautiful stuff on today's Design Snack from ADG. I love the Sherwin-Williams color section. Many years ago,I painted my bedroom a Sherwin-Williams coral called "Coral Caress"... very nice. Coral is soothing and invigorating at the same time.


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