Deck the Mantle

Did you know fresh boxwood looks like it is melting before it burns? And it smells quite nice. 
I took everything off the mantle and removed the picture on the wall.

Brought this mirror down from the guest room and attached a wire to the hanging wire on back. Hung the mirror, then hung the wreath formerly adorning the front door to the wire.

A clump of wired together fresh evergreens. If I just place individual stems they never stay where they should. Wiring the ends of a bunch of stems keeps them in place.

More individual stems of fresh green, some silver glittery leaves, a red velvet ribbon to hide the wire holding the wreath, white tapers, a moss topiary on the left and a silver julep cup of real boxwood on the right. I used two different elements, the topiary and the boxwood, to make it interesting but still somewhat balanced, symmetrical but not identical.
Shortly after taking this picture I discovered the melting boxwood phenomena. Candle promptly extinguished and removed.

 Now I need a wreath for the front door.

Thanks for reading,
Linda Pakravan

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