Sheep on the floor...

I'm crushed. My Halloween costume was unrecognizable. I wore my mother's 1966 three-quarter sleeve pink and silver brocade coat dress, put up my hair and did 60's black eye liner. My neighbor thought I was Arianna Huffington.

But then my neighbor is quite young, most likely born after the Viet Nam war.

Thankfully our in-house fashion expert and stylist, and Mad Men fan, knew "when" I was at first glimpse.

Moving on.

Our fashion expert advises that military looks are hot this Fall. Apparel inspired by aviators, ground forces and the Navy abound.

Today, aviators. Jackets ooze attitude, are mostly short, and in shearling, thank you.

Burberry Prorsum 2010

Burberry Prorsum 2010
Hilary Rhoda for Blanco Fall 2010

Shearling, as apparel, is delightfully warm and makes a fabulous wind block. And tough --- a good shearling coat will be around a long time, a decade or so. I know this from personal experience, mine is older than our fashion expert.

Shearling, on the floor, is equally delightful. A modest investment compared to these beautiful jackets.

Readily accessible all over the net, they come in singles, doubles, fours, etc. This 6 pelt rug is from Auskins. Babies love them.
Or just do a cushion or two. Also from Auskins.

A word of caution. If your pet loves shaggy toys, real shearling may be impossible for Fido to resist and you'll come home to shredded shearling.

photo by Linda Pakravan

In which case you could consider FLOR's Shaggy Sheep carpet tiles:
Shaggy Sheep carpet tiles from FLOR
Shaggy Sheep is all wool, like shearling, feels great underfoot, and the tiles (19" squares) can be reconfigured when you move into your next apartment or home. These beautiful Gotland Greys are as nature created them, dye free, and will be a fine base for any room.

And your feet will be glad you did.

Thanks for reading.
Linda Pakravan

This post was not sponsored by FLOR, Auskins, Buberry Prorsum or Blanco


  1. Anonymous1.11.10

    The short jackets are very cute, but not quite long enough for our Midwestern winters!

  2. How do you get the tiles to stay put?

  3. Mary,
    on the backside at each corner, you place a large dot that has adhesive on the side that goes on the back. so one dot where 4 meet, and then trim the dot in half for two, in quarters for the one on the edge. so they all hold each other together, plus the tiles have a nice backing. i know, it doesn't seem like it would work but it does, and really nicely.see the website www.flor.com


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