Emerald and Lemon Sorbet

Warning: this post will probably appeal only to diehard design junkies. Everyone else, save the 45 seconds and get a quick start on the weekend.

Miles Redd via Architectural Digest

I've had this picture on my desk top for months. This bedroom by Miles (not afraid of color) Redd has all three 2013 colors of the year. Leader of the pack Pantone's Emerald, SherwinWilliams' Aloe, and a warmer version of Benjamin Moore's Lemon Sorbet.

Apart from the white duvet and linen chaise, I was and still am head over heels in love with this room. So much so it became the inspiration for my guest room. Which is a post unto itself (and a work in process) but here is the Lee Jofa fabric I'll be using, Sackville, a hand printed chintz.

The walls will be the lighter shade of yellow on the tips of the rhododendron. The headboard will Lelievre's scrumptious emerald velvet, not quite as elaborate as Mr. Redd's, drapes and bedskirt in Sackville. Not for everyone, and some might say it's dated. This is what design should be, the beauty of self-expression for the one who lives with it, not self-expression for all. 

Lest we get ahead of ourselves and assume the choice of colors was influenced solely by our Mr. Redd (my opinion), the Brits are sure it was none other than their mother-in-waiting. From the Daily Mail:

Because she wore this frock on a visit to the Natural History Museum?

Back in the US, all of Hollywood knows it was Angelina Jolie that actually forecast this news three years ago at the 2009 Oscars.

Brad looks best in short hair.

What do you think? I think it was brave as hell for Benjamin Moore and SherwinWilliams to pick colors that aren't exactly mainstream. Or that look great on tall, fabulously beautiful and fabulously famous brunettes.

That's all I'm going to say about the color of the year. For now. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Greens of all sorts are my color of the century!

  2. green is also my favorite color, but I am picky about which greens and what they are used on. That Sherwin Williams Aloe is a color i would go nuts for about 10 years ago... now I like "mossy' greens, as opposed to sagey, minty, or hunter-ish or teal greens. Also a spring green is nice. Emerald is a bit much unless used in small doses. It does look good with cedar house shingles as a trim color.


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